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The Higher Liberty


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The Higher Liberty

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The Higher Liberty

by Gregory HHC, d
Minister of His Holy Church

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The Rule of Right

While the fundamental rule of law which we have no right to be ignorant of is built into creation itself and cannot be escaped, the laws of men must be heralded, proclaimed and published by men to all the world. Both bind, by nature or by consent.

“Law, as distinguished from equity, denotes the doctrine and the procedure of the common law of England and America, from which equity is a departure. In respect to the ground of the authority of law, it is divided as natural law, or the law of nature or of God, and positive law.”92

God living in the hearts and minds of good men is the fountainhead of justice and mercy for all of society who seek God’s rule. Men who seek to rule over other men or be ruled by men grant power where it was not meant to be. Such unnatural power vested in the hands of one or a few men will corrupt the goodliest of souls, like Saul and David and a plethora of kings, rulers, and leaders since the beginning of history.

The story of man has revealed a history of an ebb and flow of liberty between the diligent societies willing to sacrifice themselves and love one another and those civil societies willing to covet their neighbor’s goods to provide and guarantee their own personal comfort and security.

In Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, he praised “the union and discipline of the Christian republic.” He also pointed out that “it gradually formed an independent and increasing state in the heart of the Roman Empire.”93

One of the best kept secrets of our time is the form and structure of the early church. What was the early Church doing to warrant such praise? What was this Kingdom of God that turned the world upside down? Why were they accused of robbing the temple at Ephesus? If Christians were told to Obey the government, for God has put it there and there is no government that God has not placed in power, then why were Christians persecuted by governments? There is a fundamental misconception about the nature and purpose of the early Church.





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    92Bouvier’s Law Dictionary vol II.

    93Rousseau and Revolution, Will et Ariel Durant p.801. fn 83 Heiseler, 85.


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