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The Higher Liberty

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The Higher Liberty

by Gregory HHC, d
Minister of His Holy Church

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Public Minister, Servants of a State

Liturgy is defined as “a prescribed form or set of forms for public religious worship.”234 It is from the Greek word leitourgeo235 and leitourgos, meaning “to serve the state” and “public servant” respectively.

Liturgy was about the public servants of the Kingdom of God in service to the people who had no access to the benefits of Judea or the Roman Empire who depended on forced contributions of a subject citizenry. Church, as a government, has ministers performing public service by faith, hope, and charity.

The Greek word leitourgos236 is from two words laos meaning people and ergon meaning work or business. It is specifically defined as “a public minister, a servant of the state”. It appears for the first time in Romans 13:6 to refer to the ministers of the State. Paul continues to use it in Romans 15:16 to reference himself as God’s minister.

The ministers of the temple provided government services such as welfare and other public works. The same was true for many of the temples of Rome at that time.

Originally in the Libera Res Publica of the Roman republic welfare and the military was the result of voluntary contributions. Over the centuries a new republican order arose. Looking to a government that exercised authority one over the other for all benefits and gratuities brought the people back into subjection.

David, like other kings, was the overseer of the temple.237 Judea looked to Pompey to settle a dispute as to who would be king and Rome became an overseer of the Temple in Jerusalem by default.

The temple leitourgos became ministers of the state. When Christ was recognized by people and by Rome to be the King His appointed ministers were the titular leitourgos of the people.




234The American Heritage ® Dictionary, Fourth Edition.

235Strong’s 3008 leitourgew leitourgeo from 3011; v AV-minister 3; 3 1) to serve the state at one’s own cost ... 1c) to render public service to the state

236Strong’s 3011 leitourgov leitourgos from laos and ergon; AV-minister 4, he that ministers 1; 5 1) a public minister, a servant of the state 2) a minister, servant... 2b) of the temple ...2c) of the servants of a king

2371 Chr 9:22 ”All these [which were] chosen to be porters in the gates [were] two hundred and twelve. These were reckoned by their genealogy in their villages, whom David and Samuel the seer did ordain in their set office.”



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