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The Higher Liberty


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The Higher Liberty

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The Higher Liberty

by Gregory HHC, d
Minister of His Holy Church

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No King but Caesar 

If we are to understand the fullness of the Gospel we should know that it is first the “Gospel of the Kingdom”.

“And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the Kingdom....” Matthew 4:23

Modern preachers, and the scholars who have seduced them, have removed the Kingdom from the Gospels and turned the hearts of the people to impure religion. It is time that voices from the wilderness again call for repentance and a making straight the way of the Lord.

The Pharisees were scholars and the majority of the Pharisees voted to kill Christ,24 their rightful King.25 They chose to have no king but Caesar.26 But thank Heaven, the truth is not dependent upon democracies or scholars.

The modern Christian, with a watered down gospel of misguided leaders, have arranged a world27 system, a mystery Babylon, where their ministers teach the people to sing in their churches, praising Christ as King, but send the people to pray for their daily bread and benefits to men of the world who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other28 the rest of the week. This is all provided at the expense of their neighbor.

The people do take a bite out of their neighbor, devouring one another.29 They wave their hands on Sunday and give lip service to God but the rest of the week they covet their neighbor’s goods through their schemes of government.

From the beginning we were told to make no covenant with the inhabitants where we go, nor with their gods or we would have to bow down and serve them. Even Jesus told us to not swear at all and to only pray to our Father in heaven for our daily bread.

Applying to Pharaoh for their daily bread brought the Israelites into bondage. God led the people out of that bondage and told them never to return that way. God even told the people if they chose a ruler they were to write in their constitution30 that he could never do anything that would return them to the bondage of Egypt.31

Common sense would require us to ask why Paul would be telling the people to remain in an Egyptian style government rather than be free with Christ. Remember Christ was King, born King32, preached a Kingdom, told us to do the same33, and was hailed as King34 as He came to take the Kingdom35 away from those who ruled over the people.36 Those rulers had taken away their liberties, put heavy burdens on them, and through their system of social security37 had made the word of God to none effect.38

Since, freeing people in Spirit and truth and living by faith has always been the mission of the prophets of God, it seems clear that Paul was saying that we should remain subject to liberty and the right to choose endowed by God. Paul understood the perfect law of liberty,39 to oppose liberty is to oppose the will of God for men.

Yet, many ministers and the people have difficulty seeing the simple and specific meaning of the word exousia in the context of the Bible. This is because it overthrows many of the preconceived notions, doctrines, and even some errant theology which they have become so comfortable with over the years.

If we may use the word ‘right’ or ‘liberty’ in Romans 13 Christians and especially their ministers will have to begin to examine the Gospel in a new light of understanding and accept the truth that they have been under a strong delusion about the “Gospel of the Kingdom” and the message of Christ.

We may agree that governments sometimes possess the right to make choices for persons that in a more natural state would belong exclusively to the individual free man. But, governments are not granted the right to choose for others by God, rather by the men who create those governments. In order to obtain that right to rule over men governments would have to rely on some operation of preexisting law. That fundamental law is often called natural law.




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