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The Higher Liberty

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The Higher Liberty

by Gregory HHC, d
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The Office of Diakonos

Were there offices and titles in the early Church? There was work, duties, and men and women who performed them, but they had no titles of nobility. They did have offices of service.

The word diakonos appears some 31 times in the New Testament. It is translated minister 20 times, servant 8, and deacon 3 times. It is more interesting where it does not appear and how it is used.

It does not appear in Luke or in Acts. Jesus uses it three times in Matthew, twice describing the servants of His kingdom who do not exercise authority [which is the only place Mark uses it], and once to describe a servant who binds some one and casts them out. In John it describes servants at the marriage feast who fill the water jars for Jesus. And in John 12:26 ,Jesus describes those who serve Him.

Paul is fond of the term. It clearly means servant of another. It is translated deacon in Philippians 1:1 when it is coupled with episkopos i.e. bishop. In 1 Timothy 3:8 and 3:12 it references the qualifications not for the office of deacons, but all the servants of the Church.

Some scholars suggest that the Greek word “diakonos” means “one who raises the dust” others do not. “Konos” can mean dust or earth. The Old Testament tells of altars of earth, “red clay”.220

Those altars were made of living earth which we explain in the book The Sacrifice and The Sophistry. The Greek root dia can mean to join as we see in diagonal or diagram, first used by Heron of Alexandria (10 – 70 AD) in a geometric sense meaning the joining of lines.

The word deacon comes from the Latin word deaconus which meant “chief of ten”. By the time the scripture was composed the two words “deaconus” and “diakonos” had begun to fuse into a common usage of the Church.

The Latin deaconus and the Greek diakonos both mean servant or minister.Minister is the Latin word for doer of little deeds.

. The word minister is also a generic term that includes all who serve others, whether they be deacon, bishop, or archbishop. No matter if you use the meaning or etymology of “deaconus” or “diakonos” there is no doubt that they were servants. How they served is one of the best kept secrets of our time.



220‘adamah [hmda] from “adam” the red earth from which Adam was made.





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