Living Network

The Living Network is about seeking, finding and coming together with people in mutual faith, hope, charity and love.

As a network it is dependent upon everyone connecting in a fractal network, or cell groups. This is done by picking a team or cell group leader who not only keeps local connections intact but also connects your local group or congregation with other groups across the network or around the world.

That team or cell group leader we call a Personal Contact Minister or PCM. They are men and women like yourselves who have volunteered to keep you connection with the rest of the network alive and well.

The purpose of the Living Network is to facilitate the establishment of Congregations of Record that can help bring people to a fuller understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and set the “table of the Lord” in faith, hope and charity.

Once you have JOINED your local groups you can ask for assistance in finding others or choosing your own Personal Contact Minister.

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