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Seeking the Kingdom Tours and Seminars

Not forsaking the gathering together

Whirlwind tour

An All American Whirlwind Tour 2011 will be visiting people in more than 30 states through the months of March, April and May. We have scheduled these events for the purposes of building a Living Network with those who care as much about their neighbor's rights and well being as they do their own.

This was the kingdom of God Preached by Jesus, John the Baptists, Moses and Abraham.

If you wish to come to one of the weekend events or form local meet ups in your area along the rout join a Living Network group in your area.
The American States and Canada

This is a grassroots effort to develop the essential elements of free communities and link those communities across the country and around the world. If you would like to come to an event or participate in the organizing of the 2011 Whirlwind Tour the best place to start is on those local Living Network groups where you can connect with one of our Personal Contact Ministers [PCM] who will assist you in staying in contact with the whole network where ever you are.

There is an event Registration Form that we offer to help connect and inform about our events calendar.

Joining the Kingdom News Newsletter will give you regular information about articles and events.

Support this tour.

A list of the major stops is presented below but we will be making numerous stops and meet ups along the way in Churches, restaraunts, homes, parks and street corners or where good people gather. A live update page is managed at the PreparingU.com website: ^

   South Carolina
   North Carolina
   New Jersey


Greeley, Fort Collins to Denver, Colorado, March 26-28 Flier Contact information [7]

  • Saturday, March 26, Greeley Coloradokempnerhall
    • Where: UNC campus: 3rd floor, Milne Auditorium, Kepner Hall, 17th Street & 8th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado
    • When: 3PM..... Saturday, March 26,
    • False Hope Flier1 and the HHC Schedule Flier 2. [1]


  • Sunday, March 27,


    • Fort Collins: Second Stop:10:30 to 12, Espresso di Cincotta coffee shop, Sunflower Market, Drake and Lemay. [2]


    • Loveland: Third Stop: 12:30 to 2PM, Jerusalem of Gold bookstore, Loveland Outlet Mall, I-25 and Highway 34 . [3]


    • Northglenn: Fourth Stop: 3PM to 4:30PM Dazbog Coffee, 1050 W.104th Street and Huron [4]


  • Monday, March 28
    • Centennial: Fifth Stop: 11:00AM to 12:30PM, Dazbog Coffee, 6206 S. Parker Road. [8]

    • Denver: Sixth Stop:2:00PM to 4:00PM McCoy's Restaurant 4855 Federal Blvd. and I-70 [9]

  • ^
  • Tuesday, March 29th
    • Where: Hastings, Nebraska 505 N. Hastings Ave., Hastings, Nebraska 68901
    • When: 7PM Butch Hughes [email: bhughes at gtmc.net] 40two-469-5546

Omaha, Nebraska, April 1-3,

  • April 2, Saturday, [Flier]
    • Sokol South: First Stop: When: Saturday, April 2, 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. [5]

    • Where: Sokol South Omaha,
      2021 “U” Street, Omaha, Nebraska
      Local Contact: His Church at Loess Hills Scott Hostetter, Minister of Record
      Phone: (712) 527-7533 Email: yhwh_qahal_loess_hills@yahoo.com
  • April 3, Sunday,
    • Golden Coral Buffet and Grill: Second Stop: When: Sunday, April 3, 10:45am [6]


Barton County, Missouri April 6 near Irwin

  • April 5th, Tuesday 2011
    • Springfield, Missouri. Hosted by HHC Indiana PCM ????


Dallas/Waco/Fort Worth/Austin/Tyler Texas, April 7-11 [Fort Worth Flier]

    April 7 - First Texas Stop, Azle:

    • When: Thursday April 7 evening
    • Where: Azle area
    • Contact: Debbie Simmons, 817-270-2240, ddandk@rocketmail.com

    April 8 – Friday evening - Texas Stop, Austin: [day meeting still open]

    • Contact: Mark Coker (254) 230-5811
    • When: Friday April 8, 7:00 pm
    • What: Presentation/seminar & book signing
    • Where: Brave New Books, Suite B (Downstairs), 1904 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas [16]

      • Google map link [map]
      • store (512) 480-2503
      • www.bravenewbookstore.com

    April 9 - Texas Stop, Waco, Texas, Homestead Heritage:

    • When: Saturday April 9th morning [12]

    • Where: Homestead Heritage, Waco Texas:
    • Contact: Mark Coker Contact Mark (254) 230-5811 or Tim

    April 9 - Texas Stop, White Settlement, Tx:

    • When: Saturday April 9th 2pm-5pm : RSVP [13]

    • Where: Ryans, 1501 S Cherry Lane, White Settlement, Tx
    • Contact: Mark Coker (254) 230-5811
    • [Possible evening in Dallas]

    April 10 – Texas Stop, Big Sandy, TX:

    • When: Sunday, April 10 Lunch
    • Where: 806 Wiley Blvd., Big Sandy, TX [14]

    • Contact: Mark Coker Contact Mark (254) 230-5811 or Tim or Dawn Patton (903) 636-5349 (H)

    April 11 – Texas Stop, Tyler:

    • When: Monday April 11 ????
    • Where: East Texas (Tyler area)
    • April 11, East Texas (Tyler area) Monday:

Moss Point Mississippi/Mobile, Alabama - April 12th at Moss Point

  • When: 4pm-8pm April 12th at Moss Point
    Where: Moss Point, 6437 Coda Rd. Moss Point, MS 39562
    Contact: Martha Coffee - host - 228-217-7625


Atlanta, Georgia - April 13 - afternoon lunch north at Commerce

  • When: 2pm- Possibly arriving earlier, Ryans April 13th
    Where: I-85, Exit 149 - Commerce. Ryan's Steakhouse Buffet
    Contact: 541-410-8667 [or possibly the Cracker Barrel- same location-look for HHC mini Van or ? call]

Anderson South Carolina canceled
Waynesville, North Carolina

  • When: Thursday, 14th Afternoon and evening
  • Where: Larry's Place Wayneville
  • Contact: Call Larry 828-4520164

Fort Mill, South Carolina, April, 15-17

  • April 15 Friday – Rock Hill, South Carolina Flier Schedule [18]

    RSVP 704-707-3077
    • Where: Shoney's Restaurant right off of I-77, 2254 Cherry Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732-2162 (803) 366-6955
    • When: 5pm-6:45pm: Meet, greet and eat. (Its a buffet so bring about $7-8 for dinner.) 7pm-8pm: Prayer and Worship 8pm-9pm: Teaching by Brother Gregory 9pm-9:30 Q&A / discussion
  • April 16th Saturday
    • Where:Shoney's Restaurant right off of I-77, 2254 Cherry Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732-2162 (803) 366-6955
    • When: Noon ... 12pm-1pm: Meet, greet and eat. (Its a buffet so bring about $7-8 for dinner.) 1:15pm-2pm: Prayer and Worship 2pm-3pm: Teaching by Brother Gregory 3pm-3:30 Q&A / discussion
    • Evening 5pm-6:45pm: Meet, greet and eat. (Its a buffet so bring about $7-8 for dinner.) 7pm-8pm: Prayer and Worship 8pm-9pm: Teaching by Brother Gregory 9pm-9:30 Q&A / discussion
  • April 17th Sunday at the church property and TBA


Strasburg, Virginia April 18

  • When: Monday April 18, 2011 Around 1:00 PM to 4:00pm
  • Where: Denny's Restaurant 119 Hite Lane Strasburg, VA 22657 Exit: 298 on I-81
  • Contact: Phyllis Gilroy, 814-333-6523, Pennsylvania HHC PCM


New Jersey April 19

  • Where: Califon, NJ
  • When: arrive on the 19th sometime, gathering at home of 2-8 possibly more on the afternoon of the Apr.19th??
  • Contact: Local New Jersey: Steven Jones; HHC PCM Network: Phyllis Gilroy


Worcester/Boston, Massachusetts, April 20-23

  • April 22, Friday, [ Worcester Flier]
    • When: 6-7pm & 7-10pm
    • What: Nutrition and Health: [17]

      Brother Gregory... The Perfect Law of Liberty...The Untold Story
    • Where: Worcester, Massachusetts Osgood Bradley Bldg. [10] [map]

    • Here's what is happening THIS WEEK:
      20Apr. 7 pm, Grapevine Grille, 62 Turkey Hill Rd. (Rte. 21), Belchertown, Mass. How to make infusions, tinctures and teas. (more description of this gathering below from Dave of Red Pill Politics.)
    • 22Apr. 6-11pm Osgood-Bradley Building, 18 Grafton St., Worcester Mass.  Oils, ointments, and a prescription for building a viable republic in the heart of neoRome including alt energy, alt communications, alt health, alt food, and alt government.  Dave will do an interview of Brother Gregory
  • Saturday, April 23, 1pm to 4pm,
    • Boston, Harwich Community Center [11]

      [General Tour Flier] [ChurchFlier], [Come Hear Flier]
    • 23Apr. 1-4pm Harwich Community Center, 100 Oak St. Harwich, Mass.  What is the higher liberty?  What secrets of the ancients are available to us today to live in voluntary society?
      Please RSVP and if you need help with / can offer transportation to any/all,


Grove City, Pennsylvania, April 26, 2011

  • Tuesday April 26, 2011 at 12pm-9pm
    • Where:Comfort Inn 118 Garrett Drive Grove City, Pennsylvania
    • Notes:10 Rooms on hold for HHC folks Hosted by: Pennsylvania PCMs: Phyllis G. and Shannah A.


Middlebury, Indiana April 27, 2011

    • When: at 2 PM EST
    • Where: Das Dutchman Essnhaus 240 U.S. 20 Middlebury, Indiana Venue
    • Hosted by Michigan PCM Pastor Brian Phone: land-line (269-492-0648) cell (269-267-1275)

Columbus, Indiana April 28, 2011


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 29-30

Contact: HHC PCM: Paul Bethke

  • email: Paul@BethkeFamily.com
  • phone: 414-467-9978

April 30 – First Wisconsin Stop: Hartland

Where: Lake Country Lutheran High School Library

  • 401 Campus Drive
  • Hartland, WI 53029
  • map: [32]

When: Saturday April 30th

  • Noon - 2PM Presentation by Brother Gregory
  • 2PM - 5PM Focus groups and Q&A

May 1 – Second Wisconsin Stop: Brookfield

Where: Brookfield Suites Hotel

  • 1200 South Moorland Road
  • Brookfield, WI 53005
  • map: [33]

When: Sunday May 1st

  • Noon - 2PM Presentation by Brother Gregory
  • 2PM - 5PM Focus groups and Q&A

  • Minneapolis, MN, May 6-7-8 [flier]
  • When: Saturday May 7th

    Time(s): 1st Meeting 1pm-4pm & 2nd Meeting 6-9pm

    Where: Heartland Credit Union, 5500 South Robert Trail Inver Grove Heights, MN [55077] Map

    When: Sunday May 8th

    Time(s): Meeting 5pm & 8pm

  • Where: Heartland Credit Union, 5500 South Robert Trail Inver Grove Heights, MN [55077] Map
  • Contact: Embassador Hadar with any questions:

    Email: "EmbassadorHadar"<RockHeights@gmail.com> subject: 2011_Whirlwind_Tour

    Phone: 612-568-0821

  • ^
  • Wimbledon, ND

View North America HHC Whirlwind Tour in a larger map map

Below are more details, time and locations and links to specific instructions along with minor meet-ups and overnight stops along the way.

Meet-ups along the way will be scheduled through local and regional Personal Contact Ministers/Managers (PCM). To contact, become or elect a local PCM you need to join the Network.

To learn more about the 2011 Whirlwind Tour by going to our live update PreparingU.com webpage which is where we will post changes and events while we are on the road thanks to the help of our Contact managers along the journey.

To Donate to help pay the expenses of this trip use the button below or go to donate


One of the chief factors of liberty under God is people willing to come together in voluntary systems of faith, hope and charity. We were told to love our neighbor as ourselves. In order to love our neighbor we must know who they are and what they might need. We must strive and reach out in a Living Network of love, caring as much about others as we do ourselves.

Sign Up

The Living Network is a place to begin seeking that Kingdom and God's righteousness by reaching out to one another in faith, hope, and charity. Go to the Local Living Network Sign up pages to find a local group.


The Living Network has a particular purpose. It can assist us all in creating a Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary which is powered by the love of Christ and His way. Every individual seeking the ways of His Kingdom should gather together picking individual Personal Contact Ministers by filling out this simple online form. Those volunteer Contact Ministers work to keep everyone connected to the whole network.

The Living Network is not

The Living Network is not about plugging into a computer terminal or creating an online virtual community. It is not a news group, virtual community, like face book,or a soapbox..... It is people connecting in real and personal ways of care and sharing. It people plugging into other people. Contact Ministers become the terminal connections and no one should rely on the internet. You may use phone calls, letters and meetings to build an actual social network. The more active members the more the Living Network will grow.

Electing a Contact Point

To elect your Personal Contact Minister once you have joined your local group fill out the election form including your name and email. This information will be shared with the contact Ministers only and will be useful in helping you find or meet with others in your own area with the exercise of mutual discretion of you and your Contact Minister.

Living Network Newsletter

You can only receive the Living Network Newsletter by choosing Your Personal Contact Minister [see above]. This will automatically subscribe you to the Living Network Newsletter and connect you with other groups around the world in an independent fractal network. Systems of fractal networking used by free governments throughout history require your unselfish voluntarism.

Networks work when you work at networking. With this system and the precepts of Christ you may form free and viable societies out of what might have been chaos where you may daily choose to walk with others as free souls under God in love according to the perfect law of Liberty.

An Alternative

Christ offered an alternative to the systems of the "world" that men have often created for themselves. The Kingdom of God is a system, a way, where men may live as free souls under God strengthening the poor, freeing the captive and healing those who are bruised.

Join by signing up with one of our local Living Network groups.

If you have not, please subscribe to the The Kingdom Newsletter.


To Become a Contact Minister

To become a Contact Minister you must volunteer by posting to the group and then two or more people may choose to elect you as their Personal Contact Minister by filling out the election form including your name and email.

His Holy Church is a brotherhood bound by faith, hope and charity under the perfect law of liberty. It is established first in the hearts and minds of men and women seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Since, men are mobile creatures, the Church is as mobile as the Tabernacle of God before the building of the stone temples of Israel. It seeks to work according to the precepts of God by emphasizing His original plan and His ways.

The Living Network Links

You cannot love your neighbor in truth if you do not know who he is.

Join the Living Network and become a part of the solution



Living Network Index page:

Find and JOIN your Local Living Network
The American States and Canada

Find a local group World Map Locator:
Find a
local Living Network Group around the world

What is a Personal Contact Minister
What do they do?

How do I elect a Personal Contact Minister
Contact Minister Election Form

Who are the Personal Contact Ministers
Some of the Local Contact Ministers

Mapping the Network
A project of the chosen Contact Ministers

Guidelines and Purpose
The Living Network groups.

Dear Network Messages
Some messages to the Living Network groups.


Articles on Networking

Fractal Networking
When Jesus was preaching the Kingdom of God at hand He talked about a mustard seed that could grow by faith into a mighty tree providing life and shelter for all who seek its branches.

The Purpose and Guidelines of Local groups
"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20
The purpose of the network is to bring people together to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

The Audacity of Hope
There are numerous institutions that may be created based on faith, hope and charity that can aid us on the road to the Kingdom and the righteousness of God.


Two Newsletters

The Kingdom Newsletter and Living Network Newsletter
The Kingdom Newsletter is our primary newsletter, but does not include the full access to detailed counseling and local assistance found in the Living Network Newsletter.
---To Join The Kingdom Newsletter go to: http://www.hisholychurch.org/stones.html
---To Join The Living Network Newsletter and obtain exclusive updates and notices concerning the benefits and activities provided through the Living Network you must meet certain requirements, including electing a Personal Contact Minister or team leader.



Seek the liberty which we have in Christ Jesus.

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