The Constitution Intact

The constitution is fairly intact. There is a clause in it that allows you to contract and you have. Sue you do not understand the law. You look at the legal system and you think that is law. It is law if you contract with it.

The “law” existed before anyone made a statute. It is the law that gives men the power to make statutes for other people. You agree to a social compact…
You evidently do not understand how you go under authority. Contract makes the law:
Notice the two different Latin words used in Blacks dictionary which are both translated law. Look at the first part of the blog, It links to more detailed articles and books. No Jim Jones… We are talking how the law works. My books have been reviewed by top attorneys and they agree with the conclusion.
One after reading the first chapter of “The Covenants of the gods” said I was right but “they are not going to like” me, meaning other lawyers. Why because I show the people where their rights go.

It is going to take more study than reading a brief blog of ideas but all the books are there. It does upset your paradigm of thinking all we have to do is go back to the constitution. The people have changed their relationship with government. This includes socialist public schools old age benefits, and health care. You imagine the only way to provide these things is by force. Not so. You can do it another way but as long as you want those benefits obtained at the point of a government gun you will not be free and should not be free.

The Green blog was a lot of different opinions but basically they signed up as a corporation for the benefits of a corporation which gives people power over that institution.

if you want a democracy majority rules. If you want the benefit you have to pay the piper.
As far as advocating for anarchy.

Do you know what anarchy means? It does not mean chaos. It does not mean there is no law. It does not even mean there is no government. What it means is that the government is your servant and not you its servant.

We do not advocate overthrowing or doing away with government. But we also know that “As long as we look to government to solve our problems we will always suffer tyranny.” William Pitt.Early Americans knew this. Modern Americans have forgotten it.

By your contracts with the state, your applications and benefits you have moved from a republic to a democracy and most of your members want more and more benefits and they don’t care who they take from to get them.

If you do not step back and take a deeper look, willing to admit you may have been a part of the problem you can send emails until doomsday.

Covenants, Constitutions, and Contracts Series.

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