Emotional Socialism

Dear Network,

The Network is working for those who work at networking.

Most people go to church to be comforted… part of that comfort is to socialize enough to satisfy our gregarious instincts which we have all but lost in the modern socialist state. Such shallow communion will not bear fruit.

Some people join the local network email groups and think they have joined a ready made social network group that should be there for them emotionally when they have a need.

We have been so dumb down we do not understand how the kingdom works.
It is not merely about us comforting one another. The Holy Spirit is our comforter and we get the most comfort from helping others according to His standards and leading rather than being helped or following the imposed standards of others.

The kingdom does not make us dependent but independent…

We have had people on the network jailed, robbed, loose their home, fired, and even family members physically beat up over the last few months.

The good news is that for those who are actively working and building the network there has been an outpouring of aid and assistance.
The kingdom of God is about people choosing to help or not…. forgive or not… do or not…

If someone has a need they can pray to God first but they should also have the humility to ask one another. Since God already knows your need and your heart better than you your prayer is mostly about the humble position you take with God.

Worship has to do with position
The interesting thing about your position with God is that it is directly dependent upon your position with your neighbor and your brothers.

If you have a need take it to your PCM so that he or she may pray/apply on your behalf to the members of your congregation.
Contributions should go through your local minister because he would be responsible to make sure your needs are met.

They are not an intercessory between you and God. God already knows….
Your ministers are God’s servant through the aid and support of the congregations of the people.
Some think you do not need ministers but how can you be sure that everyone is helped who needs help without ministers. And how can he do his job without your effort and support.

Why would God help you if you will not help others… Why would He hear your prayers and cries if you will not hear the cries of those around you????

The needy can be a blessing for us… By informing those of your congregation of your need through your minister in hopeful prayer your congregation and network has the opportunity to receive the Eucharist of
Christ. The Eucharist is not what you get but what you give… it is being thankful for the opportunity to give…..
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I hope no one is on this network for what they can get out of it because each of us should be here and working as volunteers to serve God by serving one another.

That is doing what Christ said to do…

Church people commonly say we will pray for you but will they do for you in the name of Christ. Prayer alone is cheap charity.

I am not putting down prayer but the form of prayer… Jesus did not tell us to pray for his sheep but feed them.

If we pray but do nothing then we are no different than the apostate church and He will not hear us….
Serve God by serving one another. obtain God’s forgiveness by forgiving one another….

Do not abandon one another less you are desiring to be abandoned…

The people should all be working with their PCMs to build the network
We should also try to let local groups know what good things happen.

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