Good Neighbors, the Hammonds

Some people read this story of the Hammond family and some watched the videos
I added a longer interview at the bottom for a broader more detailed look. Any one should see there is something drastically wrong and unjust.
One person asked “How can people help? ”

It may be late to save the Hammonds from unjust incarceration.
The threats that have been made to shut the Hammonds up and keep them from warning other people of this danger or of even seeking help should be investigated and prosecuted.
The sheriff is not helping.
The truth is he is afraid too.
Fear is not a solution but neither is apathy.
We are suppose to be tending to the weightier matters.

We are suppose to be as wise as the serpent.

There are more of these stories everyday and more coming.
Eventually it will be your turn and like  Friedrich Niemöller who said “When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.”

People need to organize now. Hammonds were not.

It needs to be grassroots with noble intent crossing every social . political, economic, professional and even religious barrier. It needs to be with people who care about others, their families and their rights as much as they care about their own.

They need to organize in intimate groups, say ten families, but be closely connected with other groups all over the country like the 10s, 100s  and 1000s used by free nations throughout history.

And they have to make righteousness one of their primary concerns.
The Hammond family were trusting and a bit naive.
They did not think it could happen just like  Friedrich Niemöller .

How many of the Hammond neighbors did not try to find out the truth? How many of your neighbors would come to your aid?
It is easy to get mad. It is harder to get wise.
So are you going to get organize now.

It is a long way back to get to the state and thinking that made America great.
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